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Helen - we met way back around 2007 or so re a JISC/HEA simulation project I was leading, and I was impressed then with your work. Your blog postings on AI are outstanding - I always look forward to them, learn so much. This post articulates many of my own anxieties about the use of GenAI for research purposes.

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Thank you for this. The idea that GenAI really makes us more efficient and produces good or better results, increasingly bothers me. The hype often fails to live up to the lived reality for me.

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I kept thinking about "Thinking: Fast and Slow" by Kahneman as I read this excellent post. You write "The benefits of extended practice and slow reflection..." are clearly necessary for authentic inquiry and important theoretical work. But the context in which we work (I'm a classroom teacher) often shapes the ideas about the future and in so doing, our approach and work.

Where do I find this ivory tower, where I might have the time to work at truth's cadence?

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